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Whilst it is crucial to provide our customers with both a high quality and cost effective product, Excel Publishing Company Ltd, are conscious of the impact that the printing process can have on the environment. With this in mind, we have chosen to work with one of the country's leading environmentally aware printers.

In recent years Buxton Press have been the recipients of 11 national printing awards including;

• Environmental Company of the Year
• Environmental Printer of the Year (Printing World)
• People in Print - Environmental Award Winner
• Printing Company of the Year (Commended)

Over the years Excel Publishing have worked closely with Buxton Press to ensure the best possible environmental print practices are followed.

The main benefits are outlined below;

* Printing procedures - Every aspect of the printing process has been examined and assessed and we have made changes for the better - from the way in which files are initially received and uploaded; the production of printing plates; the substrates involved in the printing process right through to the press operation and ultimate binding and finishing of the product.

* Waste awareness - A combined effort on behalf of all members of staff has seen a substantial reduction in waste and a dramatic increase in the recycling of waste materials including paper, plastic, cardboard, aluminium plates, polythene, chemical substrates and office consumables. These are efficiently dealt with by specialist recycling agencies, reducing the amount destined for landfill by a staggering 92% plus the recent introduction of briquetting machines for compacting fine paper dust particles for commercial resale and reuse.

* Building design and layout - The print factory has been completely rebuilt using the latest and safe insulation materials to minimise heat loss and maximising power efficiency by utilising electrical power correction equipment, heat soak and temperature sensors; success that has been rewarded by obtaining the maximum 80% annual rebate from the climate change levy.

* Paper sourcing - As a publisher our main consumable is of course paper and it is essential this is responsibly sourced. All our paper is sourced from EMAS registered mills accredited with PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).

For further information visit http://www.excelpublishing.co.uk

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