Can Solar PV-T protect the UK from energy black-out?

Should solar technology underpin the future of the UK’s burgeoning energy supply? Anthony Morgan, CEO of renewable energy specialist, Newform Energy, certainly thinks so.  »

Europe’s jungle

Last month marked the second International Day of Forests, but closer to home, how are Europe’s woodlands fairing? Holly Squire finds out  »

New guidance on turning solar farms into biodiversity hotspots

Expert advice on how to optimise biodiversity on solar farms is being launched today at Kew Gardens by the BRE National Solar Centre (BRE NSC).  »

Eco entrepreneurs reach out to the crowd to expand their energy saving website

An entrepreneurial family have turned a passion for environmental sustainability and reducing their energy bills into a ‘go-to’ website for energy efficient products, Sust-it.  »

The smart meter rollout: Ensuring installation without a hiccup

David Stroud, general manager, EDMI Europe, explains the key things that energy suppliers must bear in mind to ensure the smart meter rollout runs smoothly.  »

Insulation, insulation, insulation

'Carbon appeal' is set to replace 'kerb appeal' when it comes to new builds says Builder & Engineers’ Holly Squire  »

Earth, Wind and Power

As the government pushes on with incentives on new energy sources, in some areas it has resulted in building and home buying risk. Marshall King, chief executive at SearchFlow, assesses the impacts  »

Going Underground - We're 20 Years Behind

Derek Monk, managing director of ESE World Ltd puts the case for underground waste collection systems, which save space, reduce visual impact, and improve carbon footprint.  »

ECO: we’re missing the key issue

Announcements by the leading energy suppliers that they are to increase their prices by anything from four to over 10% has sparked further political debate over ECO and the part it may be playing in rising energy costs.  »

The Shale Gas opportunity

Shale Gas: the topic is a touchy subject, as protesters up and down the country are determined to halt any progress – as is the case at the Balcombe fracking site.

However, the industry has proved to be a revelation in the US because adopting the controversial technique has resulted in the nation being on the cusp of self-sufficiency for the next 100 years in natural gas and no doubt creating numerous jobs.  »