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McLean Architects Ltd

A team driven by design excellence and client satisfaction

Our Practice
McLean Architects are a progressive Glasgow based architectural practice working throughout the United Kingdom on a variety of projects. We provide a full range of architectural services from inception to completion, including feasibility and master planning. We also have wealth of specialist in house expertise including interior design, space planning, sustainability, expert witness and project management.

Our business values

Dedicated to providing a first class service to our clients
Always doing what we say we will do
Inspired individuals working together for maximum effect
Delivering on our promises and truthful with everyone we deal with
Recognising and encouraging the training and development of each member of staff

Our client sectors

McLean Architects has a variety of new build and refurbishment project experience
in the following client sectors:

• Higher Education
• Healthcare
• Residential
• Commercial
• Retail
• Urban regeneration
• Special needs housing

Our approach

We believe our main remit as architects is to design towards fulfillment of the Client’s aims and objectives. Each project is seen as entirely unique and we have no policy of developing a company ‘language’ by which or buildings would be recognized as ours. Our ultimate aim is to return a building to the Client which responds to all the Client’s needs and of which the Client can be proud, and one which also responds to the environment in which it is set.

We are aware that as architects designing new buildings and the refurbishment of existing ones, the decisions we take throughout the design process can have a massive impact ranging from the energy consumed within the building project, to the psychological impact of its very presence in the landscape, urban or otherwise.

We believe our approach to each project should ensure that strategic and detailed decisions be tackled in a holistic sense with the objective of achieving a sustainable solution. From an environmental point of view, we are committed that any design proposal by us makes a significant positive contribution to the built environment and importantly meets the environmental aspirations of our Client.

Awards received

• Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine Best Eco Home Award 2009 for ‘Beacon’.

• Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland Plot Winner for Scottish Expo Housing Fair

• Glasgow Institute of Architects Design Award 2005 for The Henry Wellcome Institute of Comparative, University of Glasgow.

Project Examples


‘Beacon’ is a new build house project designed along sustainable principles on a tight, challenging site in Bearsden, Glasgow. Designed as a contemporary family home, ‘Beacon’ is three storey with the sleeping accommodation provided at mid level and living accommodation at the upper level in an open plan ‘loft’ style space opening out onto a south facing deck by way of a large bi-folding screen. A large double garage is provided below this level.

‘Beacon’ is constructed in Insulated Concrete Formwork providing heavily insulated and airtight construction of high structural integrity, with concrete mid floors to store passive energy from south facing glazing. The roof section, finished in stainless steel, creates an overhang to the south providing shading in summer, and facilitates passive solar gain from the low sun-path in the winter months. Primary heating is via an air source heat pump twinned with an under-floor heating system reducing like-for-like energy use by 40%. Supplementary ‘feature’ heating is provided by a wood burning stove with its own fresh air source direct from outside to prevent draughts being drawn through the house.


RED HOMES - McLean Architect’s winning entry for a plot design for two semi-detached houses at the Scottish Expo Housing Fair held in Inverness this summer, met with one of the key objectives of the Fair to ‘create a sustainable living environment with a focus on the use of local materials and low energy homes’.

Our concept for RED HOMES – Responsive Environmental Design homes was based on promoting eco-minimalism by integrating sustainable design strategies with contemporary architecture, using ecological materials and solutions to minimize energy consumption. The predicted annual running cost (heating) for each house is only £126.

The Henry Wellcome Institute of Comparative Medicine

The Henry Wellcome Institute of Comparative Medicine is a £5.5million new build high quality research facility for The University of Glasgow situated on a steeply sloping site amongst aged research buildings. The building comprises of large main laboratories, associated offices, Resource Centre and study area on the top floor to provide an informal and sociable meeting space for those working within the building.

McLean Architects adopted an innovative design approach to successfully reflect the image of the organization and create a comfortable internal environment. Full height glazed facades and a feature roof light allow natural light to penetrate the Institute’s interior whilst also providing wonderful views over the parkland setting for the building users.

The building was the winner of the Glasgow Institute of Architects Design Award in 2005.

Further details of all our projects can be viewed on our website


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