Cochran has been manufacturing steam boiler product at our in Annan, South West Scotland since 1898.

Cochran is the largest manufacturer of packaged industrial boiler plant in the UK and has maintained this position by offering the largest range of products, and services of any UK boiler maker, and through the support of an international network of representatives.

As well as manufacturing to the relevant British and European codes Cochran are unique amongst UK manufacturers in also be able to supply boilers to meet a range of national codes including ASME, GOST (Russia) and China. Currently over 60% of the output is exported and Cochran boilers are operating in over 100 different countries.

The complete process from design, through manufacture and service support is covered by our ISO9001 accredited quality system and the company is also proud to hold the Royal Warrant from HM the Queen.


Cochran has the capability and capacity to manufacture a full range of steam and hot-water boilers up to 30MW in output and with working pressures up to 40 bar. In recent years as the cost of energy and the focus on green issues has increased interest in Cochran’s range of environmentally friendly products.

Combustion & Control Equipment
Cochran is unique amongst UK boilermakers in designing and manufacturing their own combustion and control equipment. These burners are matched to the boiler design to give optimum flame configuration and heat transfer. We can utilise the latest microprocessor touch screen controls and flue gas monitoring to ensure the maintenance of the optimum fuel to air ratio to optimise efficiency and minimise NOx emissions.

For applications such as rendering or fish processing Cochran can also supply burners which allow foul air from the process to be ducted through the burner and “cleaned” in the combustion process.

As well as ensuring an optimum boiler: burner combination we can further improve the efficiency of industrial boiler plant by fitting an economiser at the boiler outlet. The economiser recovers useful heat from the boiler exhaust gas which is used to preheat the boiler feedwater; this can increase boiler efficiency up to 95%. Cochran design and manufacture a range of economisers to suit the specific boiler output and fuel conditions.

Case study
A chemical works in the West Country was using a 15 t/h capacity gas fired steam on their plant and decided to retrofit a Cochran economiser to improve their efficiency. The nominal design criteria was to increase the plant efficiency by 5% but the actual gains achieved were closer to 6.5% which reduced their gas consumption from approx 1100 m3/h at full load to 1028 m3/h – a financial saving of up to £126,000 pa and a payback of under 4 months.

Heat Recovery Boilers
Increasing numbers of customers wish to recover heat from turbines, engines and thermal oxidation processes and use this energy to generate process steam or for utilisation in CHP installations. They look to Cochran to design and manufacture bespoke solutions to meet their process requirements. Cochran engineers will design a waste heat recovery boiler to meet the specific needs; usually these will be unique design for the application. When the steam requirements are in excess of that possible with the available heat source then auxiliary or supplementary combustion systems can be incorporated.

Case Study
A chemical company in NE England has two existing thermal oxidisers with air recuperators fitted. The recuperators were problematic and required frequent maintenance. Cochran replaced the recuperators with 2 off 15 t/h 25 bar steam boilers which now produce 70% of the site steam demand with a payback of less than 12 months.

Field Support
Cochran has the largest directly employed service organisation of any UK industrial boiler manufacturer. Over 35 engineers offer nationwide coverage and provide a full range of services from commissioning, efficiency upgrades, emergency breakdown cover, pressure part repairs, service contracts and annual insurance preparation.

Where scale is encountered on the boiler heating services Cochran are able provide a water side cleaning service, including a full chemical descale when required. As well as extending the life of the boiler and preventing damage the removal of scale can dramatically improve the heat transfer in the boiler, just 1mm of scale can add 5% to the fuel bill on an industrial boiler.

Increasingly important to customers is the training of their operation and maintenance personnel. Cochran maintains its own training department and provides a range courses, held at its training centre but also increasingly tailored courses on customer’s sites. These courses focus on the safe, efficient operation and maintenance of the boiler.

Cochran has maintained its position as market leader in UK and internationally by offering an innovative range of products and services. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can assist your company in obtaining the most efficient and environmentally friendly solution to your energy needs.


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