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How to Slash Your IT Costs with 'Green' Computing...
Using Connecting Minds sustainable technology, you can cut your IT hardware costs and maintenance time by 75%. At the same time you can reduce your IT electricity bill by 90%!

Are you fed up trying to upgrade, support and maintain IT facilities in the face of budget cuts and limited staffing?
At Connecting Minds we understand that businesses and educational organisations face frequent and expensive IT problems. This is why we have developed cost cutting solutions to allow you to reduce your costs immediately and install more computers for schools and businesses.

Connecting Minds provides Multi-computing for up to 30 users from a single host machine without distance limitations.

Interest free energy efficiency loans from the Carbon Trust are now available for ICT projects.

Your new IT equipment should pay for itself
Energy-Efficiency Loans from the Carbon Trust are a cost effective way to replace or upgrade your existing equipment with a more energy efficient version. You could borrow from £3,000 to £100,000 interest free, unsecured for up to four years, without arrangement fees. This means an immediate benefit from energy saving and reduced utility bills. Connecting Minds can provide details of Carbon Trust interest free loans and assist you in completing your application.

Ethernet-based computing

The interactive communication solution – e-Learning software i-com

  • Monitoring : i-com’s basic function that displays thumbnails of users’ screens in real time
    1. Demo: Shows the manager’s screen to users
    2. Chatting: The manager can text, voice chat or send messages to users.
    3. Test: Helps the manager create tests and distribute to users
    4. File from users
    5. Manage and Command: The manager can remotely prevent users from using certain applications
    6. Power: The manager can remotely turn the Host PC on and off

    Connecting Minds Eco Green PC Solution is perfect for:

    • Office/ Classroom – Deliver a computing stati