EOS Energy provides turn key solutions, dealing with all aspects of a project, from design to installation and commissioning. Specialising in solar photovoltaic (PV) and renewable energy technologies, EOS Energy makes renewable energy easy.

The company provide professional advice on feed in tariffs (FiTs) and choice of products to ensure that our clients maximise the return on their investment in renewable energy solutions.

EOS Energy is part of the multi-million pound Alumet group of companies, who have over 17 years experience completing large contracts in both public and commercial sectors.

Working from their head office in Warwickshire, EOS Energy have a carefully chosen management team with vast experience in designing, supplying and installing photovoltaic (PV) systems. They have a stated goal to make renewable energy easy for domestic, community and industrial scale installations, alike.

EOS make the experience of having a system fitted as trouble-free as possible for their customers by ensuring that each array is tailored to their requirements. Although most domestic installations do not require planning authority approval, the EOS team take care of this for those larger projects that may require approval. Their staff also complete any paperwork required by the National Grid and electricity supply companies too.

Driving quality into the market is a key issue for EOS Energy and they have already been instrumental in helping form the Renewable Energy Technology Alliance (RETA) in the West Midlands. EOS see the bar to entry in to the market as being set too low and firmly believe that as an industry they must ensure that they do not end up with stereotypical ‘double glazing salesmen’ pushing unsuitable systems on to rooftops across the country. Taking the time to pick the right installer is incredibly important to maximising the amount of free electricity you can generate and how much money you will be paid by your electricity supplier for doing so.

One of the key issues that EOS Energy is trying to overcome is the lack of awareness of the tariff amongst the general public. Most people understand that they can create their own electricity during daylight hours and sell the excess back to the National Grid. However, the thing that gets missed is that the electricity companies also pay you to generate the electricity that you use. EOS are constantly being asked what the catch is when explaining the scheme, but there truly isn’t one!

In the past it used to take between 20 and 30 years for a solar panel system to pay for itself, but now it takes only 8 to 12 years. In fact, with the Feed in Tariff payments from the electricity companies guaranteed for 25 years, EOS are seeing customers receiving a greater return on their investment than if they left their money in the bank. For example, a large system costing around £16,000 in an optimum position can provide an annual income of £1,469 and a saving on electricity of £412. This system would pay for itself within eight and a half years, earning a further £31,000 over the remainder of the lifespan of the Feed in Tariff assuming that there is no increase in inflation.

In an unusual move, rather than prepare an out-and-out sales brochure, EOS Energy has prepared a pocket size booklet to educate the public, explaining what a PV system is, how it works and, more importantly, what benefits can be had from fitting a PV system. As well as posting copies out to customers, this guide can also be downloaded from www.eosenergy.co.uk To request a hard copy of the pocket guide simply email info@eosenergy.co.uk

With huge stocks of materials on the shelf, this Midlands based company is anticipating massive growth over the coming year and this already has them on the lookout for additional electrical engineers, installation teams, administrative and warehouse staff. EOS have worked hard to develop a good team ethic amongst their colleagues and over the years this has stood us in good stead, with the Alumet group being recognised as one of the highest rated places to work in the construction industry for a number of years now.

EOS Energy is always finding innovative products that provide solutions to their customers’ needs and they are currently working with local design engineers and universities to bring new products to the market that may well revolutionise solar shading as well as the production of clean energy. In the meantime, they have recently sourced a range of thin, lightweight panels that will easily fit to barns, factories and community property roofs that are too weak to accept normal PV panels.

So, despite the gloomy predictions for the economy, it would seem that the future is bright for companies such as EOS Energy, for the staff that they are looking for right now and for their customers.

* EOS Energy (Alumet) will represent the Midlands in the National Finals of the EEF Future Manufacturing Awards next year. The forward thinking company recently won the Midlands heat in both the ‘Environmental Efficiency’ and ‘The Climate Change Opportunity’ categories and now go forward to The Merchant Taylors Great Hall in London on 27th January. The company were also Finalists at the recent National Business Awards against the likes of Marks and Spencers, Unilever and Coca Cola.

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