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Integrated manufacturing and maintenance systems - OEE and CMMS

Our mission at Idhammar Systems is to develop, deliver and support market leading systems that help our customers to achieve the ideal balance of productivity, efficiency and economy required for world-class lean manufacturing and maintenance. Developed from the ground-up and based on extensive first-hand experience, our integrated Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness Systems (OEE Systems), have been implemented in blue-chip companies, large and small, in a broad range of industrial sectors throughout the world, from food to pharmaceuticals and transport to power and energy.

Using Idhammar OEE to save energy

A greater general awareness of environmental issues together with rising energy costs and increased Government targets has caused manufacturing energy consumption to rise to a board-room level concern. It is no longer acceptable for manufacturers to treat energy simply as a fixed cost of production, there is an urgent requirement to monitor and improve energy-efficiency.

Most manufacturers have already implemented a wide-range of energy related programmes with varying degrees of success including: switch-off campaigns; intelligent production scheduling at a lower time-tariff; installing new energy-efficient equipment or enhancing maintenance to reduce leaks. All of these programmes are necessary for an ongoing improvement in energy consumption but they are not sufficient on their own.

There is a bigger prize to be gained in operating the factory as effectively as possible to maximise energy-efficiency. Breakdowns, multiple inefficient start-ups, slow-running equipment, rejects and under-utilised capacity all have a major impact on energy consumption.

Major contributors to wasted energy

1. Breakdown – apart from the broken equipment, most of the plant; conveyors, pumps, ovens, shrink tunnels, etc. continue to cycle, wasting large amounts of energy.
2. Start-up – most items of plant use more energy at start-up than at normal operating speed, particularly electricity, so if the plant breaks down frequently more energy will be used.
3. Slow running equipment – uses the same amount of energy as equipment running at full capacity
4. Rejects – waste all the added-value used to produce them including labour, materials and energy
5. Under-utilised capacity – companies regularly invest in additional capacity, unaware that existing lines are underperforming and could provide the production increase they are looking for. It is well proven that improvements to existing plant are 10 times more effective than the installation of new capacity and this would include energy consumption.

Idhammar OEE has a built in Energy Monitor for full visibility of energy consumption, as well as the tools you need to manage plant improvements and minimise waste.

“In addition to savings in labour and wastage, we have experienced significant savings in energy. Optimised OEE also has a hugely beneficial impact on our energy-efficiencies.”
~ Bob King, Head of Operational Excellence, Premier Foods ~

Environmental Targets - supported by the Idhammar Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Large corporations are compelled by share-holders to account for the triple bottom-line: profitability, social responsibility and environmental impact. Recent reports indicate that 85% of SME's in the UK, driven in part by rising fuel prices, are also focusing on strategies to reduce environmental impact. Increased energy efficiency helps reduce carbon footprints and deliver financial savings. There are big wins to be made with the aid of a CMMS as minimising planned and unplanned downtime has been shown to have an enormously positive impact on energy saving.

Most companies have already implemented a wide-range of energy related programmes with varying degrees of success, including switch-off campaigns or installing sensors to turn lights off automatically. Other energy-reduction measures have included intelligent production scheduling at a lower time-tariff, the installation of new energy-efficient equipment, and improving maintenance procedures to reduce leaks. All of these programmes are necessary to reduce energy consumption but they do not provide step-changes in energy efficiency.

The true cost and level of usage if a plant suffers a breakdown is significant, and the impact is not isolated to the asset that needs maintenance - but also all the kit that is left running during the downtime.

Improving asset availability and performance (minimsing downtime and slow running) can have a staggering impact on energy efficiency - and with an effective maintenance strategy in place that is both preventive and responsive, the engineering team can drive the benefits directly to the organisation's bottom line.

Designed to enable our customers to achieve the perfect balance between economy and efficiency – Idhammar MMS is an integral part of the maintenance process, helping to minimise downtime, control costs, maximise assets and manage personnel in a seamless Windows-based software package.

Maintenance of the Thames Barrier is a mission critical activity; the unexpected nature of flooding necessitates 24x7 operations and zero downtime targets. With flood threats rising, the number of barrier closures is now increasing making
maintenance of the barrier an even more complex and critical process.
"Idhammar’s highly intellingent maintenance management system is an integral part of the successful operation of the Thames Barrier flood defences."
~ Mike Bullen, Environment Agengy (TBAG)~


"With the Idhammar OEE system I have a handle on the top five production issues at each bakery and know what is being done to resolve them. The OEE system provides consistent, real-time and detailed reporting. It enables the individual Bakery Managers and their teams to drill down, find the underlying problems and quickly address them.”
~ Bob King, Head of Operational Excellence, Premier Foods ~

“We chose the Idhammar OEE System for a number of reasons; firstly, it had a proven track record in the food industry and had many of the features we were looking for to support drill-down analysis, reporting and continuous improvement monitoring. Moreover, despite its extensive functionality, the straight-forward user interface allows the system to be used by anyone in the plant and supports our culture of ownership and responsibility. Idhammar’s OEE System also has a complementary Maintenance Management System.”
~ Stuart Drysdale, Manufacturing Director, Aunt Bessie's ~

"It is widely recognised that the key to sustainable improvement is to engage people across the organisation. By using Idhammar’s shop-floor data capture with the OEE system, we can accurately measure and improve OEE at Chivas Brothers. Clear reporting and wide visibility using Andon display boards really helps us to coordinate and drive the improvement agenda."
~ Dave McVittie, Engineering Manager, Chivas Brothers ~

“When we started measuring work flow – we were inundated with outstanding job cards and some of the jobs were being missed. Since implementing the Idhammar MMS we’ve gained control, and having more than halved the number of outstanding jobs at any one time, we’re well on our way to reaching our target of only 10. My role then as Continuous Improvement Director is to make sure that the target doesn’t become too soft - and re-set it to zero.”
~ Graeme MacFarlane, Continuous Improvement Director, Halewood International

"We have seen real and sustainable improvements in our assets through reducing the six losses of OEE. One particular asset was running seven days a week and still struggling to meet customer demands. Now it typically does the same volume in four-and-a-half days. This avoided capital expenditure to increase capacity through another asset."
~ Mark Rogers, Site Manager, Smith & Nephew ~

“Right from the start, theIdhammar OEE Systemidentified improvements requiring simple, low-cost changes to processes which have made a significant difference to our bottom line. These would have been difficult to identify without an OEE system.”
~ Patrick Mroczak, Manufacturing Manager, Burton’s Foods ~

“Using OEE as part of our Operational Excellence Programme is far more than a theoretical exercise. The intelligent functionality of the Idhammar OEE system highlights losses, drives our improvement agenda and leads to improved effectiveness and bottom line savings. Our minimum improvement last year was 14% and our best was 47%, so the system paid for itself in a couple of months.”
~ Stuart Drysdale, Manufacturing Director, Aunt Bessie's ~

“The Idhammar System has played a real part in performance improvement. The team worked on facts generated from the system and checked whether improvements had the desired effect. In many cases the result was increased capacity through existing assets which avoided additional capital expenditure.”
~ Mark Rogers, Site Maintenance Manager, Smith & Nephew ~

"Idhammar Systems understands the added value of intelligent, flexible manufacturing software systems which supports our efforts towards world-class manufacturing."
~ Bob King, Group Head of Operational Excellence, Premier Foods ~

Consistent measurement using the Idhammar OEE software is at the core of our continuous improvement programmes and is supported by Idhammar’s CMMS which underpins our TPM initiatives.
~ Stuart Drysdale, Manufacturing Director, Aunt Bessie's ~

"Our Idhammar Shop Floor Data Capture System is an integral part of the process as our operators can now manually input information into the system via touch screen units, and in exchange, they are provided with real-time performance data available in a format which is easy to interpret. This means that we can target daily production and engineering down time issues in shop floor meetings - speeding up fault diagnostics and the relevant resolution processes, whilst making sure there is clear accountability for what needs to be done."
~ Dave Hannah, Continuous Improvement Manager, Burton's Foods ~

"We use Idhammar’s [Improvement Agenda] module to track safety and quality actions, as well as to drive plant improvements. The targets we set can be segregated into defined categories, such as direct energy impact and can be clearly monitored using highly visible traffic light controls. This means that senior managers can see at a glance when an improvement project is behind schedule, if the traffic light has gone through amber to red, the manager knows a key milestone has been missed and can take appropriate action.'
~ Richard Lowe, Controls Engineer, Smith & Nephew ~


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