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Shetland Windpower Ltd
Shetland Windpower Ltd
Shetland Windpower Ltd
Shetland Windpower Ltd
Shetland Windpower Ltd
Shetland Windpower Ltd
Shetland Windpower Ltd

About Us

Shetland Wind Power Ltd has a long and established history in the Renewable Industry with over 17 years experience. Supplying and installing over 250 turbines throughout the UK to date, we have worked in a wide variety of projects specifically designed to the customer’s needs. From inception to commissioning and after care, Shetland Windpower Ltd are involved in every stage of an installation and can offer our expertise to tailor an installation to the individual customer.

Our Clients

As well as working for private customers, Shetland Windpower Ltd has worked closely with Community Energy Scotland to install turbines for community groups and organisations. We have also worked with the several local councils to install turbines in both Primary and Secondary Schools throughout the Country.

Our Products

We supply and install Evance, Proven and Westwind turbines and with turbine sizes ranging from 2.5Kw to 20Kw we can ensure our customers install the most suited turbine for their individual energy usage on site.

Feed in Tariff Scheme

Introduced in April 2010 (lifetime of 20 years), the Feed in Tariff (FITs) Scheme provides the customer with payments for every Kwh (unit of energy) produced. Additional payments will be made by selling unused energy back to the National Grid. As Shetland Windpower Ltd are MCS accredited, all installations commissioned by us are eligible for the FITs scheme. Using the income generated as a means to paying off the initial installation cost, most turbines effectively pay for themselves within 4-8 years on average depending on the individual wind speeds on site. The continuing tax- free/index- linked income received can then be utilised as the customer’s chooses.

Our Service

At initial point of contact, we offer customers a Desktop Assessment. Using the customer’s grid reference we consider the anticipated wind speeds for the site and use this to calculate the expected annual production yield for the various turbine sizes. Using this information we then calculate the expected income/savings and anticipated payback periods.

Whilst completing a Site Visit we discuss the optimum placement for the turbine and cable run. We also take comprehensive photos detailing both the site, its proximity to the property and nearest neighbour for planning purposes. Shetland Windpower Ltd assist in every stage of planning by supplying all documentation required to support your planning application. We can supply photo montages if required. Shetland Windpower Ltd also apply to the customer’s energy provider for a Grid Connection. The installation and after care/servicing of the turbine is completed by one of our qualified installers. In order to comply with the turbine manufacturer’s warranty an annual service must be carried out. We undertake all servicing for turbines we install.

Case Study – RNLI Station, Aith, Shetland

Shetland Windpower Ltd recently installed a Westwind 20Kw at the RNLI station in Aith, Shetland. For some time now the RNLI have been looking into using renewable energy at their lifeboat stations. The RNLI normally use electric convector heaters in their lifeboat stations, which are ideal for instant heat when there is an emergency. However these use a lot of electricity. Given that Shetland has no lack of wind, the RNLI opted to install a wind turbine at the Aith site. It's expected that the Aith turbine will generate around 40,000kWh annually and will be grid connected so any power not used by the station will be sold back to the grid. This means the charity can gain maximum benefit from the turbine. The installation has cut the station electricity bill to zero and will allow the charity to use all donations it receives more effectively.

Kevin Henry the Lifeboat Mechanic said "Aith is well situated for the first RNLI wind turbine. It's one of the windiest places in Britain - well, it feels like it at times! The station is fully supportive of this green energy pilot, especially if it means saving RNLI money. The local community is also very supportive and we're very grateful for this. Like other stations, we use electricity onboard the lifeboat as well as in the station. We need electric heating to keep the engines warm, to ensure when responding to an emergency the lifeboat can reach full power faster. Shore power is also used to protect onboard electronic equipment such as radios, GPS and radar as well as keeping batteries fully charged while the engines are not running". He went on to add “It’s gloriously warm in here now!”

Jennifer Nicolson of Community Energy Scotland who has supported the project throughout and supplied 50% of the funding said, "Community Energy Scotland have been very pleased to support this innovative project, which will greatly help in the running costs of this lifeline service. We hope the pilot suits the RNLI's needs and that the charity will continue to explore the use of renewable energy systems at their bases".


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