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Why sustainability is so important to your business

The government target is to reduce the UK's carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. This is a huge commitment which affects all businesses.

Running a sustainable business is likely to offer considerable cost effectiveness, greater business opportunities and even increased staff satisfaction.

• A recent report from E.ON and Imperial College London highlighted that "[a] high position on the league table isn’t just a ‘nice to have’, it could also have a very real impact on their business and on their brand. Each year the new league table effectively puts the organisation back to zero and therefore investment and position over time need to be implemented as part of a long term plan.” (E.ON UK Press Release December 2010).

• A recent article in the MBS reported that 79% of CEOs surveyed globally believed that “sustainability is vital to the profitability of the company” and that “[h]uge savings exist in owning and operating high-performance green building” (Vidler, M (2011), Why sustainability is now a must in facilities management. The Modern Building Services, Vol 7, Issue 10, February 2011, pp. 12-13.)

• A US study suggests that staff ‘are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs if they work for a company that's perceived to be environmentally friendly’ (

Why sustainability is so important to your clients

In addition to the benefits above, you need to make sure you offer your clients the services that are most appropriate to their needs.

If you can demonstrate to customers how they can make savings from being green and as comply with the legislation, you put your business well above those who cannot.

Through our training, we can help your staff to understand the clients’ sustainability needs and to effectively respond to these.

Training just for you – our in-house training options

CIBSE Mid Career College is currently developing some innovative new sustainability training you might find of interest. We do not believe this kind of training is available through any other provider at the moment.

Call Kati on 020 8772 3660 or email her at now to learn how your staff could be among the first to benefit from this training.

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Evaluation from a Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) training participant:

An Excellent Course

Public courses to bring you up-to-date

Upcoming courses include:

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• Low and zero carbon energy technologies: Undertaking feasibility studies and understanding design considerations - click here for more information.
• Low carbon buildings and energy infrastructure for local authorities -click here for more information.
• Part L Building Regulations - clickhere for more information.

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