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For over 22 years we have created and encouraged an award-winning sustainable approach and accessible attitude to design and research, planning, delivery and management. Our architecture is responsive to each project’s requirements, and we develop our design solutions with an open mind and creative flair, taking into account the future legacy of each piece of work.

Chaplin Farrant is committed to sustainable development and seeks to lower the environmental impact of all our projects.

We have a holistic approach where we consider not only the technical aspects of sustainable design but also the physical and sensory aspects of creating attractive, comfortable and healthy places to work and live.

Penoyre & Prasad has worked with clients in the UK and abroad for more than 23 years, using design to help them achieve long-term organisational goals, and adding significant value to their operations.

Our distinctive, collaborative design approach results in functional, beautiful and energy efficient buildings. From climatic conditions to site context, budget and individual requirements, we ensure that each project we design is right for its location, investors and users.

Harrington Design + Bloomfield Ltd ARCHITECTS

• Architecture
• Urban Design
• Planning
• Master Planning
• Community Consultation
• Listed Buildings
• Interior Design

Boyarsky Murphy is committed to exploring new potentials for the development of sustainable design at many different levels. We work with: energy from waste; off-the-grid developments; the re-use of existing buildings; and the development of ignored and under-used urban sites. Established in 1994 we have built up an international reputation for unusual and challenging projects at all scales, from master plans to individual houses.

Energy from Waste

MechoShade Systems Inc . + MechoShade Systems UK Ltd.

For four decades the firm has been the premier designer and manufacturer of state of the art manual, motorised and automated window shading systems and shadecloths. MechoShade Systems commitment to eco friendly and energy saving products and systems has been sanctioned by a number of respected organsations:

* MBDC's Cradle to Cradle certification programme.
* GEI's GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified Programme.
* GEI's GREENGUARD Children and Schools Programme.

Sustainability is not a tag, it’s about choices. It’s about thinking long term over short term and taking a less selfish view of how we conduct our lives. As a species we have damaged our planet considerably over the past two-three hundred years and time is now running out to rectify our mistakes. Crucially we must act now to help prevent future problems associated with climate change.

Peregrine Bryant has over thirty-five years of experience as a trusted architect of historic properties and innovative new buildings, he established Peregrine Bryant Architecture and Building Conservation in 1994 on the retirement of his former partner.

P+HS is a national architectural practice specialising in the design of health and housing for the wellbeing of society. With a successful track record spanning over 27 years, the Practice has a wealth of specialist knowledge in sustainable design. One of the tenets of P+HS is to develop and maintain a sustainable business; this applies not only to the way in which we operate but also in the solutions we deliver to our clients.

Climatize UK is a Yorkshire based heating ventilation and refrigeration specialist who are dedicated to providing energy saving equipment to commercial and domestic markets.

Specialising in temperature control, we design, install and maintain all refrigeration, heating, ventilation and air conditioning services. With years of experience we deal with a large scope of clientele such as hospitals, offices, pubs, restaurants, server rooms, convenience stores, warehouses, anywhere where temperature control is vital.

Our vision is to create inspiring and enduring architecture.
Purcell Miller Tritton is a leading architectural practice with a reputation for excellence established by 60 years of work on many of the UK’s best-loved buildings and places.

Architectural Awards 2010:
British Home Awards 2010: Design Competition: Runner up
RIBA White Rose Awards 2010: Finalist
Grand Designs Awards 2010: Finalist
LABC Awards 2009: First Place
RICS Awards 2010: Finalist


Fraher Architects is a young architectural practice founded by Partners Joseph Fraher and Lizzie Webster.