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Harrington Design + Bloomfield Ltd
Harrington Design + Bloomfield Ltd
Harrington Design + Bloomfield Ltd
Harrington Design + Bloomfield Ltd
Harrington Design + Bloomfield Ltd
Harrington Design + Bloomfield Ltd
Harrington Design + Bloomfield Ltd
Harrington Design + Bloomfield Ltd
Harrington Design + Bloomfield Ltd
Harrington Design + Bloomfield Ltd
Harrington Design + Bloomfield Ltd

Harrington Design + Bloomfield Ltd ARCHITECTS

• Architecture
• Urban Design
• Planning
• Master Planning
• Community Consultation
• Listed Buildings
• Interior Design

Our approach to design is enthusiastic; we wish to produce developments that everyone will be proud of. We try to be friendly, helpful and positive at all times but are very serious about producing a quality result. We look to always improve our performance and quality of design and seek to make the process go as smoothly as possible, therefore we are thorough with our “homework”, i.e. briefing, site analysis, funding requirements, assessing planning considerations, and promote practical and buildable designs, etc.

We give early guidance in ways to improve the design process and can do so because of our extensive experience. We prefer to work closely with our clients to fine tune designs that will respond correctly to the intended use – this also includes developing a standard approach for repeat designs.

We seek to be innovative in terms of introducing ‘modern methods of construction’ to schemes and will organise technical and other presentations on behalf of our clients to our mutual understanding and benefit.

We will stand firm on issues that affect design quality, always giving good reason for doing so. The company has undertaken and built a wide range of projects and achieved notable successes in sustainable schemes. For example:-

Designed the first Code 5 dwellings inhabited in England, for Raven Housing Trust at Mid Street, South Nutfield. This project is used as an exemplar by the BRE, Energy Housing Trust, NHBC, Welsh Assembly Technical Advice Note 22 on Sustainable Housing.

Designed the first SIP system for the Wayfarer Group and Martlet Homes in this region with communal heating scheme and sustainable surface water drainage system incorporating landscaping features.

Currently designing Code 5 Rural housing using PassivHaus principles with high thermal mass construction, passive ventilation and wood burning stoves.

Designed the first Code 4 homes in Chichester District.

Converted large Grade II listed Victorian School building to flats and maisonettes within a local urban regeneration and conservation area to Level 3-4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Achieved 2 times “development of the week” accreditations from Inside Housing magazine.

Two projects short listed for West Sussex County Council Design awards, 2009.

Our experience and depth of knowledge allows us to offer good solutions to designs from feasibility to construction stage in a range of design styles to suite the context.

The following headings briefly highlight some of the key areas of expertise we believe are necessary for a successful project and which we pay particular attention to. We have a good track record and would be very pleased to discuss completed projects and experiences with Clients.

Site Appraisal
Code for Sustainable Homes
PassivHaus Principles
Modern Methods of Construction
Key Performance Indicators
Risk Management
Value Engineering/Cost in Use
Customer Care


•We understand the standards required for various building types so therefore do not require a long learning curve at the initiation of a project.

•We are able to prepare feasibility layouts quickly, when required, that are based on workable solutions, thus setting out a realistic initial appraisal from the start.

•We can work with Clients to develop standard designs where repeat projects are anticipated, benefiting in greater cost and usability certainty.

•We are fully committed to partnership working and are prepared to extend this outside of specific projects.

•We would be proactive in arranging on behalf of our Clients technical and other seminars, presentations, etc., to progress design and technical issues to improve quality and performance.

•Our ability to be innovative and imaginative will help solve problems quickly and provide good solutions beyond expectation.

•We identify risk at an early stage throughout the whole procurement process, which allows the client to focus on and mitigate these problems as soon as possible.

•We are friendly and easy to work with.

We believe the attention to the above detail and our proven track record allows us to present good solutions to meet our Clients requirements and deliver competent projects that we can all be proud of.

Please call if you wish to discuss more information about specific projects or case studies or references.


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