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Walter Menteth Architects
Walter Menteth Architects
Walter Menteth Architects
Walter Menteth Architects
Walter Menteth Architects
Walter Menteth Architects
Walter Menteth Architects
Walter Menteth Architects
Walter Menteth Architects
Walter Menteth Architects
Walter Menteth Architects
Walter Menteth Architects
Walter Menteth Architects
Walter Menteth Architects
Walter Menteth Architects

Walter Menteth Architects’ is identified by its commitment to what is environmentally sustainable and ecologically benevolent.

This award winning practice, established for over twenty years, undertakes projects from £150k to £32m across various sectors; small works, one off houses, public and private residential developments, public buildings, care homes, education, leisure, recreation and commercial properties, including new buildings, works to historic buildings and refurbishments.

We aspire to couple our design, production processes and efficient delivery with benefiting the natural and human condition and apply the same rigorous approach whatever the project scale. View examples and make enquiries by clicking here to visit our website.

The practice work is characterized by solutions, which are valued, appropriate and cost effective, and which achieve cohesive, inspiring and innovative design that delivers quality, function, distinction and delight beyond expectations.

Our designs prioritise sustainability; addressing resource and habitat depletion, energy use, constructional advancements that enhance performance and exploring the deployment of natural assets with greater utility, whether through recycling, efficiencies, resource substitution, flexibility and economies in the consumption of space or by adding value to the pre-existing context or fabric; whilst doing this to meet increasing expectations.

The practice has experience in projects targeted to achieve standards such as Level 5 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, Passiv Haus, Eco Homes excellent, BREEAM excellent, and carbon neutral construction.

Examples of Walter Menteth Architects works which have achieved exemplary advancements in the field of sustainable design through focused research in specific areas include:

The distinctive and highly sustainable residential development at Consort Road, Peckham, Winner of British Homes Award 2008, provides large, well designed, versatile & efficient dwellings constructed to allow for future flexibility, adaptation & change. Its innovations and spatial planning all deliver significant advancements which have been used as examples of good practice. This is super insulated high thermal mass construction, with a gas powered CHP, PV arrays, MHR (mechanical heat recovery), landscaped roof, suds drainage, and Car Club, combined with 39 multi-storey winter-gardens which provide both solar capture and acoustic insulation.

Dune in Essex, a carbon neutral one off private residence of solid timber construction with natural fibre insulation and timber cladding was designed to a ‘passiv haus’ specification. It avoids foundations by being constructed onto a pre existent structure. This is combined with a landscaped roof, passive solar capture, solar arrays, heat recovery, rainwater capture and recycling, and biomass stove providing backup energy.

For solar energy capture Warburton Terrace,Walthamstow, a highly successful community care facility, piloted the use of transparent external wall insulation (“Polar Bear” technology). This high performance insulation material passively captures solar radiation, transmits it into the high thermal mass of the structure but prohibits the captured energy from re radiating, providing passive non mechanical energy capture on southerly orientated facades.

At both low energy residential developments at Bloomfield Road, Greenwich and High Cross Road Haringey, Walter Menteth Architects developed innovations in construction re-cycling.
High Cross Road was constructed using up the spoil of the previously demolished building avoiding waste transhipment and landfill; delivering ecological enhancements, efficiencies and delight.
Bloomfield Road reused the fabric of a pre-existing armaments factory, with perimeter and internal walls retained in situ, within which was developed a new low energy residential care home, surrounded by a delightful sequence of evocative walled gardens.
Both schemes have been extensively published, variously winning RIBA, Civic Trust and Housing Design Awards.

In producing a sustainable and low energy solution for the listed Dilston Grove Gallery, Southwark, the adaptive reuse of the existing construction was achieved by avoiding the provision of heating to the temporary main gallery, reliance being placed on the constructions high thermal mass and visitors wearing external clothing during their transient occupancy. A highly insulated shell with heating and heat recovery was limited to staff and sedentary areas.

The practices work at Gwynne Road, Battersea provides a mixture of dwellings which developed a range of innovations. It is a compact highly insulated high thermal mass construction using standardized dense concrete blocks encased in external insulated render with a landscape enveloped in gabion walls bringing these (now common) prototypical construction idioms forward into the main stream of UK housing. Winning Civic Trust and Housing Design awards this project was also shortlisted for the Mies van de Rohe European Architecture Award.

At Walter Menteth Architects’ the creative design process doesn’t start from any predetermined propositions but addresses each projects individual parameters, its particular challenges, site, context, requirements and peculiarities through extensive investigation, discussion and consultation with both the client and stakeholders. For further information click here to visit our website or to discuss any projects please contact the Director Walter Menteth on 0207 708 5825.


“....enhanced environmental quality include planted roofs and gabion walls to encourage vegetation, nesting boxes to encourage small birds, photovoltaic arrays to generate electricity, a combined heat and power unit to provide base heating and whole house mechanical ventilation with heat recovery for lower CO2 emissions. Environmental and social sustainability were also key to the design of the layouts of the houses and flats themselves, which have been used as an example of good practice in terms of flexibility.... winter gardens on the street side provide extra space... and... passive solar gain for home heating and an acoustic buffer to the road”
Key Urban Housing of the C20th’ Hilary French Laurence King Publications Oct ‘08;

“… its visual purity proved shocking, unexpected and genuinely thrilling. It looks amazing… how compassion and craft can combine to transform the mundane, make a place out of nothing, and bring light to the darkest environments. …”
Architects Journal editorial ’Great British Architecture - A Decade in Review’ Dec, ‘09

“... this is a triumph ..... and a demonstration that pushing the envelope relies more than ever on integrated skills...”
Architecture Today Feb.’08

“... The massing, the informal disposition of openings and the sparing use of colour are all exceptionally well handled. This is no modernist tabula rasa and Menteth’s restraint in not thoughtlessly obliterating the remains of the original building is admirable..... a message here for brownfield developers about reducing demolition wastage and enhancing an existing environment.. Menteths version of the romantic ruin has a suggestion of....enclosed patios of mudejar architecture....a trace of industrial archaeology and a touch of English romanticism. .. it is clearly evocative.”
RIBA Journal

“The architecture .. is exemplary … especially the delightful quality of the environment ... The layout and quality of spaces, colour and skilful integration of internal and external spaces provide a spiritually uplifting place ... The new buildings are crisp and modern with an elegant arrangement of punctured openings, … the scale is intimate with considerable variation in height and form. .. The new building has been integrated with the retained elements... These add visual interest”
RIBA Award Citation

“.. this was a scheme of a very high quality, whose simple forms, clear planning, carefully judged window openings combined to produce a calm, healing environment within a difficult landlocked site, displaying exemplary sensitivity to its impact on the surrounding housing. They particularly admired the way the remains of the original building had been treated with respect, as part of an established landscape to be enhanced and extended, rather than thoughtlessly obliterated”
Housing Design Award Citation

”It rises with brio to the opportunities of a prominent location to create a bold, simple statement which combines an imaginative use of technology with care and precision in the interpretation of the brief”
The Housing Design Awards citation

”What is striking about this project is its sensitivity at a range of scales: the intimacy and serenity of the courtyard at one level and at another the bombast of the yellow and orange towers that loom intriguingly over Monument Way, forming an urban landmark. The bund, too, functions as an ecological statement, an effective acoustic dampener and a beautifully sculpted piece of landscape.”
RIBA Journal

“A White Rose among the Thorns ...Menteth delivered a classically pure building in a shabby neighbourhood...reflecting the central theme: sustainability and the ability to meet the needs and aspirations of future generations...
The question of sustainable architecture – can be looked at in a more useful way at Gwynne Road.... it is that there can be no off-the shelf approach to building in an environmentally sensitive manner....Menteth and team have established a reputation for solving problems, and for working from first principles in deciding how best to use building materials"

The Independent

“Form, function, structure and planning are seamlessly woven together in a bravura piece of design…. Small white and perfectly formed, it breathes quality at every corner”
Housing Design Award citation

“A jewel of a building that shines out from its drab inner city surroundings”
Civic Trust Award citation

“Menteth has an ability to deliver a bit of a looker on an apparently dud site...his block of four private flats ... are brilliantly decisive.”
The Independent

“This building has achieved an ingenious solution despite restrictive circumstances. The result is the most striking piece of Modernism in Hackney... as if England had at last won a football match”
The Architects Journal

“Comparisons with a Richard Serra sculpture or a Mark Rothko painting come to mind”
RIBA Journal


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